A SEALIFE Adventure

A line of little feet scramble towards the glass, up on their tippy toes, trying their darndest to get a closer look at the sea life gliding by. As the children dash from one water world to another, their inquisitive minds are bursting with amazement. One gasps and giggles at the funny looking puffer fish and tugs at his new friend’s hand to come and see. A few timid children hang back, uncertain of the wiggly octopus with so many legs! The joy and the fear and the fascination are teaching the young children more than we know.

The early learners are busy absorbing the shapes, textures and colours around them at a rapid rate of knots. The wonder of what they are experiencing imparts boundless knowledge that the children store away, not wanting to forget.

All stages of development are at work as the children explore, play and observe. The little playgroup is socially interacting, sharing ideas and feelings. One child is learning to share as he lets a girl beside him touch the coral being passed around by the guide. Another child ventures away from his Mother’s side for the first time, gaining confidence to explore further without her. When a little girl becomes frightened as a big shark passes overhead, she swiftly recovers, learning that she is safe from danger. Many small milestones are made here at the aquarium and most of the children leave happy, if not exhausted from their big day of excitement.

The children are better adjusting their social and emotional ques while at the aquarium, and they are intellectually stimulated. They pocket small bits of information that they may later remember and bring up to discuss again. The playgroup session welcomes the children into a new realm where they can let their imagination wander.

As the children hurry from one exhibit to another, their fine and gross motor skills are advancing. The physical development of the young children is fully active throughout the day. The children are given the opportunity to hold and touch, and before our eyes they are evolving into dexterous young people who crave the ability to reach out and connect with the world and the objects in it.

At playgroup each child is different and each child is at a different stage of maturity. Our exclusive playgroup dates at SEALIFE enables children to explore their potential and define their limits. Even for the adults, a day at the aquarium with a whole group of little kids is a learning curve. Personalities are shaped and humour plays a big role in the child’s behaviour and mood. All systems are go during this playgroup excursion with the main imperative always being to have fun.

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