Comedy meets music, meets movement for this wonderful MoveIt4Kids program. We welcome parents/carers and children aged 0-5 to enjoy this active musical comedy experience via community playgroups. Studies continue to show how vital exercise is, for all facets of life. Here we are encouraging good habits, in the most fun way possible. Expect to be inspired, all while developing fine and gross motor skills, language skills and social skills. Happy days!

Happy faces and merry days! That’s what MoveIt4Kids is all about.

The superb combination of movement, dance, self-expression, sport, songs and comedy.

What you can expect:

  • Participation! Participation! Participation!
  • Lots of fun
  • Show runs for approximately 50 mins
  • We encourage you to sit with your child and fully immerse yourself in our ‘MoveIt4Kids’ session
  • The more involved you are, the more your child will engage and enjoy the session
  • The sessions are very interactive and inclusive – we encourage dialogue between the Children/Presenter/Parents/Carers as different topics & themes arise and are explored

We may be touring in your area.  For all bookings and enquiries contact us here

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