Home playgroups

Successful home playgroups need planning

  • Discuss your expectations of the group when using your home
  • Talk about children's behaviour and what is and what is not acceptable in your home
  • Develop some house rules and expect that they will differ from one house to another
  • Close forbidden rooms
  • Avoid outdoing each other with refreshements and tidiness to keep plyagroup time simple and enjoyable
  • Make guideless on start and finish times
  • Ask everyone to help tidy up

Toys and equipment

  • Put special toys away out of reach
  • Ask each family to contribute toys that can be used by the group that week or to a pool of toys that can be taken to playgroup each week. Include building blocks, small cars, stacking containers, threading equipment, paper, craysons, playdough and finger paint
  • Join the nearest toy library


If having playgroup in different homes each week it is important that everyone in the group knows where it is being held.

Make sure everyone has each others details and that you have a plan if someone is unable to host playgroup.


Be sure your home playgroup is fully covered wherever you choose to meet. Some families have no household insurance. Playgroup Victoria's Familily Membership comes with a comprehensive playgroup insurance cover. Call 1800 171 882 to find out more.

Moving on

Home playgroups often outgrow homes and agree to meet in a hall or community building or join an established playgroups which has vacancies. Contact Playgroup Victoria for help.

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