New regulations: playgroups exempt

Playgroups are exempt from the Victorian Government's new Children's Services Regulations 2009 because at playgroup, parents or caregivers attend with their children and are responsible for the supervision of each child they bring to playgroup; they can see and hear their children and intervene immediately.

The Children's services Act 1996 and the Children's Services Regulations 2009 ensure minimum standards are met, children's developmental needs are met and children are safe when they are cared for or educated in the absence of their parents.

Although exempt, playgroups can use the Children's Services Rgulations 2009 to apply best practice principles when making decisions. If a playgroup is uncertain, for example, about how many families it can safely cater for, the regulations require 3.3 square metres of clear space for each child. Find out more about the Children's Services Regulations 2009 by visiting

Working with Children Check

Parents with their own children participating in any child related activity are exempt from a Working with Children Check.

Determining if a Working with Children Check is needed is the responsibility of an individual, agency, employer, club or association.

For more information visit the Working with Children Check website or call 1300 652 879  weekdays, 9am- 5pm.

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