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Supported Playgroups & Parent Initiative (SPPI)

SPPI is a Victorian government funded program that aims to engage disadvantaged and vulnerable families and provide quality play opportunities for children at a critical time in their development.

29 municipalities receive funding from the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to establish playgroups to meet the needs of children and families who might otherwise miss out.

SPPI objectives

1.Promote improved health, development and wellbeing outcomes for children

2. Build parents' confidence and capacity and support the establishment of social network

3. Model and support developmentally appropriate play experiences and parenting practices

4. Promote and support participation in maternal and child health, kindergarten and other services

Target groups

  • Indigenous children and their families and/or carers
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse children and their families or carers
  • Disavantaged families with complex needs
  • Children and families affected by disability

Local government develops Activity Plans that include successful strategies to:

  • engage families to join supported playgroup
  • facilitate and maintain attendance at playgroup
  • provide developmental play experiences and opportunities
  • build parental confidence and capacity
  • promote social networks and community connectedness.

Playgroup Victoria's role

  • Partner with DEECD and PANDA to support, resource and assist development of the SPPI program
  • Support the data collection and collation process and report back to DEECD
  • Assist in developing and refining data collection
  • Develop resources, link staff into networks and training opportunities

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   The Supported Playgroups & Parent Initiative (SPPI) is funded by the Victorian Government.

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